The Opportunity to Communicate is a Basic Human Right.

Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities.
People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential. Everybody has the potential to communicate.

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Stories About Communication

Speech & Language Development Australia

Speech & Language Development Australia is committed to advocating for those with communication disabilities, as well as their families, caregivers, and communication professionals—supporting the goals of the ICP.
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Share Your Vision of an Inclusive Communication World

Since the beginning of 2016, more than 170 organisations have agreed, “With the right strategy, Scotland could become the first Inclusive Communication Nation.”
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Traveling the World as a Speech Therapist

“In every new place [I travel] and with every new community, I am firstly a stranger who needs to observe the way of living and communicating. I have to learn how to adapt myself, in the same way as the deaf woman in my childhood memory…”
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Making a Difference in Ghana

“While I sit in the hallway of the Tamale teaching hospital in Northern Ghana, the noise from the busy street below forces me to lean closer to hear one of more than 240 children gathered to be assessed by international speech-language therapists. Through interpreters, we desperately try to ascertain articulation and nasality, and ultimately understand communication here in Ghana, where there are more than 250 different languages and dialects.”
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