The Opportunity to Communicate is a Basic Human Right.

Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities.
People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential. Everybody has the potential to communicate.

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Stories About Communication

SLP Grad Takes His Skills Back to Rwanda

Eli Munyankindi, a newly minted SLP, returns home to share his skills with an entire country.
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Situation de L’Orthophonie en Afrique de L’Ouest et au Burkina Faso en Particuulier

L’orthophonie est une profession naissante en Afrique de l’Ouest et plus particulièrement au Burkina Faso, et donc très peu connue du grand public.
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Speech Pathology in Malaysia

Malaysia is a fast developing country located in Southeast Asia. There has been a tremendous boom in healthcare services in Malaysia over the past two decades.
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Long Island University (LIU), New York

Under the leadership of their advisor, George Pagano, students with Long Island University (LIU), New York set a goal to increase the number of signatories to the Universal Declaration of Communication Rights to 10,000.
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