The Opportunity to Communicate is a Basic Human Right.

Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities.
People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential. Everybody has the potential to communicate.

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Stories About Communication
Programme StimuLER-2

Programme StimuLER: Supporting Language Development in Refugee Children

“MacLeod and Meziane are optimistic about its ability to aid refugee children. They believe in the importance of dual language development and in working with other S-LPs to share insights, ideas and information about how to best adapt prevention and treatment techniques to different cultural settings.”
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Learn About The Icelandic Association of Speech Language Therapists

“In addition to the six founding organisations, nearly 50 organisations from all over the world participate in ICP. To encourage international knowledge-sharing, we’ve asked the Icelandic Association of Speech Language Therapists to provide us with a bit more information about their work and the status of communication disorders in Iceland.”
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Speech Pathology in Vietnam-1

Speech Pathology in Vietnam—A Student’s Perspective

“…the word is spreading, and families are realising how speech therapy can help their loved ones. The Trinh Foundation welcomes volunteer speech pathologists to assist in the growth and development of speech pathology in Vietnam, and I would encourage more Australians to get involved.”
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Meet Australia-based SCOPE

“Scope’s CIRC, together with the ICP, is committed to improving awareness, developing capacity, and helping create opportunities for people with communication disabilities to access and participate in community activities through a range of initiatives and projects like communication access.”
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